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Monday, April 22, 2019

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Service since 1926

     Guild's TV began operation with the advent of radio in 1926, servicing radios of the Thomas Edison Company, later to become General Electric.

     We continued serving the greater Williamsport area through the period of the Great Depression and the years of the Second World War.

     As technology changed we changed with it.  Television took hold after the war and we sold and serviced some of the best in the business, including Dumont and Zenith.

     In the 1960's we saw the introduction of color TV and stereo sound that expanded the viewing pleasure of our customer.

     The 1980's saw the beginning of Satellite TV and we were some of the first in the industry to install home satellite TV systems, providing quality and selection to people beyond the bound of normal cable TV

     Then came the turn of the century and the coming of the digital age.  Satellite TV expanded to offer greater channel offerings and lower prices than ever before.  TV display changed from analog to High Definition Digital bringing the greatest pictures in TV history. 

     The new century saw the development of the internet and the integration of the internet into TV, the age of the Smart TV.

      Now we stand at the door of the next generation of Ultra High Definition TVs and OLED displays.  Picture quality that is beyond anything imagined in the generation past.

     And through all this Guild's Radio and now Guild's TV Sales and Service has taken advantage of the development of technology to broaden our knowledge of the industry and bring a more comprehensive service to our customers.  If fact we continue to evolve to meet the ever changing technological needs and desires of our customer.



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